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Meet E Joy of Summerville, SC

Erica Joy moved in the beautiful Charleston in 2006 and has settled in Summerville, SC. She and her husband Vincent have a brilliant and strong daughter named Elsa Harper. Initially everyone would say, “What an unusual name!” Now it’s assumed that I am a Disney princess lover…which I am…but not so much that I would name a child after one. (Although Briar Rose and Belle have always been two of my favorites!)


Elsa and Enzo, Summerville 2019

Our daughter Elsa is named after the first female Lion in captivity that was successfully released into the wild. It is also a nickname for Elizabeth, which was her maternal Grandmother’s name. The meaning of the name Elsa is God is Truth, or God is bountiful.

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In High School my lovely mother gave me some Elsa Peretti bean earrings and a matching necklace that I adored. In college a friend borrowed and lost it, but I always loved that set, and have since bought them for my little one…for her to lose one day!


Elsa is the name of the woman from The Sound of Music that tries to marry Captain von Trapp…and send all of those children off to boarding school…My little Elsa would never do such a thing!

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Our fun loving, outgoing and fearless son is named after my Husband, Vincent Michael. We call him “Enzo.” This is a nod to my husband’s Italian heritage and a nickname for “Vincenzo.” Our daughter has lovingly given him the Nicknames, “Enzo Boy” and “Hank the Tank” which seem to fit him well! The name Enzo means “winner” and Vincent means “conqueror.”


Enzo is a high energy, smart, strong and inquisitive boy.  He is generally affectionate, happy and expressive.

We also have a green eyed cat named Esmerelda Franchesca.


We love entertaining, starting projects for our home, and exploring our quaint and historical village of Summerville in sunny South Carolina.


If you have a question or request, or are looking for a home in Summerville, please reach out.  We will do our best to share what we know, and if we don’t know, we will make an adventure of it!

Love to you and yours,

The Joy Family


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