Our Story (The Birth of a Lifestyle Blog)


Before starting thejoyofsummerville blog I had the habit of endlessly adding to my “wish lists” online, reading magazines (there is just something about those glossy pictorials and the excitement near the end of each Month when you know they are coming), and reading countless books about style, beauty, and decor.

I was an Assistant Principal last year (2015-16), and a Principal this school year (2016-2017) at a Middle and High School in Downtown Charleston, SC. Prior to that I taught History for 9 years in The Charleston County School District.

All was well until I received the unexpected news that they have restructured the administrative team for 2017-2018 school year…
which means…
I will soon be unemployed.  That hit me hard. I have been at this school for the past 6 years.  I found out on a Thursday, and kept my composure until I started my car that afternoon.  I was shattered.
I took a personal day Friday, and did my best to hold my head tall on Monday knowing that all that I have been planning and doing for the last several years was no more.
“Be still. I am strong.” I said these words in my head each time I felt my cheeks burning or eyes welling that Monday.
FullSizeRender (71)
This blog is part of my next chapter.  I am on a new adventure, and intend to put some of those habits listed above to good use. I began writing when something magical happened. Suddenly I felt inspired!


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Greenville SC

Over the last 11 years I have learned many things about Middle and High School students, including that they are fixated on how they look. This preoccupation stems from insecurity. That is NOT what you will find here…at all.
Do you remember the girl in HS with the most beautiful skin, legs, hair, or whatever it was? She was looking at another girl and admiring what she had. Remember the girl who was so mean, and would take pleasure in cutting you down?  She was likely even more cruel to herself,  and had been taught to treat herself and others this way by example.
Maybe you were or still are “that girl.” Maybe you are positive and kind to everyone of your Friends and family members but not yourself.  Maybe you constantly compare yourself to other women in a way that hurts you. STOP that!  Each of us has so much to celebrate, and so much to offer to each other.  Feeling terrible about yourself is not innate!  Get to the root of that, and get rid of those thoughts.
I see my little ones when they pass their reflection in a mirror and they smile. It is likely that you used to do that also. If you don’t smile and recognize all the good that is in you when you look in the mirror, or look around your home, then the time to change your thinking is right this very minute.
This Blog is for ALL women who want to feel stylish and Women who know they are stylish and want to encourage other women.  I hope I can provide some inspiration for YOU to take and modify in a way that works for you. Please share your looks and ideas with me! I love to experiment, I hit, I miss, and I keep on going.  My purpose here is in helping other women find or fine tune their style, and grow it to radiate joy from the  inside out.
Style has everything to do with YOU!  Personal style belongs to you, you get to create it, and own it.  Style is one way to express who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. Have fun, look fabulous, feel amazing, delight in your home, and embrace what makes you unique and interesting.
YOU are beautiful, before any of the clothes or makeup.  Your home is special because YOU live there.   Your clothes, accessories, makeup, beauty products, pillows, books, and trinkets are just the icing on the cake.  Why not enjoy the icing, and add an extra layer or two?!
I enjoy exploring interior and architectural design, and my favorites are those that tell me more about the person (Or people) living inside. I know the trends, and I generally try some out, but my style is my own, and while I change and grow, it is always mine.
I love playing with different looks.  Hair, Makeup, jewelry, shoes…this Blog is for a woman who loves to shop everywhere. From designer to thrift; I will find it, mix it up, and turn heads, and you can too.
Style has NOTHING to do with age. I have wrinkles and other imperfections and they are annoying, but I am still fabulous and so are you!
I am grateful for this blog, and  hope that you will love being a part of it as much as I have loved creating it.  
With sincere and open arms we invite you to receive and exude MORE JOY as we celebrate beauty, style and living life with intention.
Love from our family to you and yours,