Limitless Dronography

Limitless Dronography by Vincent Joy


There is nothing better than making beautiful memories, except the art of capturing those moments to share. 

I am the husband of Erica Joy and father of two amazing kids, our daughter Elsa and son Vincent Micheal affectionately known as Enzo.   

This Page is dedicated to my High School Digital Media teacher Mr. Z. in an effort to showcase some of of my work, our everyday moments and the beauty that surrounds us all each day.

Equipment I Use:

DJI Inspire 1 Pro w/ X5 camera

I like the bundle because it all in one price.  This is a great price and you will use all the equipment

You get what you pay for…. My modo when making tech purchases: always go with the “Middle Level.” By no means am I a wealthy man….(Financially) but when you go and look @ drones, do not end up in the Mall talking to the people in the middle…. DJI (Click here for their official website) makes the best drones.  It folds to be Height: 3 inches   Width: 3 inches and 7 inches in Length. If you are looking to teach your kid how to fly they make a kid remote that you can control.

Supports most iOS, Android and Windows smartphones like iPhone 7, 7 Plus, Galaxy S6

  • Precision Stabilization Accuracy of ±0.01°
  • Plug and Play, No Software Configuration
  • New Updated Design Features 4-way thumb stick for feathering control of Pan, Tilt and Roll Axes
  • Built in 1/4-20″ threaded end cap for tripod mounting
  • Up to 3 hours of extended battery life
  • Supports remote control through remote cable accessory (optional)
  • Compatbile with Carbon Fiber Extension Pole Set
  • 4 Modes – Heading Follow Mode, Heading Lock Mode, Heading & Pitch Follow Mode, Inverted Mode

If you are shooting with a go pro make sure to get the adaptor plate.   

Very easy to transition from IPhone 8+ to Go Pro Hero 3+


Equipment used:  I phone 8+ with the EVO SP-PRO Gen2 3 Axis iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer. The editing was done in adobe spark.   The Evo SP-Pro App is super easy to use and has some really great video and photo options. I used adobe spark to edit the video.  Adobe spark is great to quickly edit video, add text and audio.  Best part…FREE!

Why use a Stabilizer?  Hands down the EVO SP is the perfect solution for getting super smooth video and stabilized photos. Use this gimbal as the ultimate ‘selfie’ stick shots or take it to the next level and use it to add cinematic quality to your family videos. Smartphones are only getting better with video quality and adding the EVO SP is the perfect supplement to achieve amazing footage! The EVO SP comes pre-configured and ready to use without any complex setup or software.

Equipment Used:

Once I edited the video in the APP I opened I movie up to add better audio and text.  The best part about I movie is the capability to export at different resolutions.  Since the DJI Mavic Pro has a 1080p camera it only make since to export the video at that resolution.

 Equipment Used: EVO SP-Pro Gimbal Stabilizer & I phone 8+

I used adobe spark once again…. I love using spark for quick/unique videos.   This once was about the Barbie  that was left at the beach. When I was done making this video and I showed it to Erica she looked at me with the what the….* face.  Really Barbie Goes Down…  that’s what you had to name it…  I might not be the best at coming up with titles for my videos but…’s a work in progress at I say.

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