Black & White, Shadow Shields and Frenchies for Fall 2018.


In Summerville it was a rainy and cool on the Monday before the midterm election.

We were in the computer lab at school because students had their quarter one benchmark assessment to see that the standards are being met, to inform our instruction, and to compare our classes to other students in our district. A Monday is not an ideal day for an assessment because students have had the weekend to do anything but study, and add that tomorrow we are off and suddenly my 8th graders get even weirder!  So it goes…sort of a false start to the workweek, though I am beyond grateful for an extra day without students to vote and check some other to-do’s off of my list.  Many schools in Summerville and Charleston are voting stations, so it makes sense that we are off every other year for the midterm and presidential elections.  We were supposed to have a Fall Break this year, which is not typical in Charleston, but the extra days were taken as make-up days for the storms.


Over the weekend Vince’s mom KJ brought a whole bunch of house things that she does not want/need in their new house, and drove from Greenville to bring it to us on Saturday.  After making space in the morning, a short visit and unloading the trailer into the garage, the rest of the weekend was spent playing, cleaning, tinkering and sprucing up around the house.  Halloween decorations are stored and we are Thanksgiving ready.

Sweater and Pants


Today I wore a black-and-white cowlneck sweater (similar here and here) with a mod shape and these Ponte pants. I like the seem on these pants, it is almost like a pleat and creates a nice line that elongates the leg. Leather detail on the front pockets adds an unexpected touch.


I wore a pair of my favorite black-and-white kitten heels.  Here, here and here are some others that have a similar vibe.img_4443-1

If I had a pair I would have worn white boots but I don’t…yet. Here, here and here are some white boots that I love.  I am still looking for the pair that I can wear enough to justify the cost and that do not seem too Go-Go costume-ish.

Another accessory that I want that can be costume-y is a black leather hat .  Like Bella Hadid is wearing above. (Similar here and here.) I almost got one the other day but lost my nerve.  Should have went for it!

Makeup and Hair


I found some eyeshadow Shields on amazon, which I have been wanting for a long time and so I finally decided to put them in my cart. I was a little timid to go all-in using super dark shadow at the wing just in case it was a flop, and didn’t want to be at school this morning looking like a raccoon with two black eyes.  Thankfully the guards worked well, keeping my neutral and copper eye shadow in place. I had no trouble with my skin being sensitive to them, and especially the removal of the stickers was easy leaving me a nice distinct line. Next time I’ll go darker now that I know they work!


I came across some bobby pins called Frenchies on amazon. They are amazing and I highly recommend!

I get mine on Amazon, you can get them here . Each box comes with large and small flocked bobby pins to match your hair color. They hold my hair in place all day.

Check out my French twist on this rainy day, not perfect but it’ll get better in time as I practice to make progress.


My hope is that you’re having a great start to the workweek.

What are you wearing today? Any new style, beauty, décor or makeup purchases this weekend?

Sending love to you and yours from rainy Summerville South Carolina,


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