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Did I ever tell you about my experience with an Ionic Foot Bath Detox?


There was an amazing health and wellness spa on King St. called Seeking Indigo.  I still get compliments on the jewelry pieces I picked up there, especially a bracelet that my mother in-law found one afternoon while shopping downtown during a visit.  The front of Seeking Indigo housed a small shop and through the gorgeous and giant carved wooden doors was a yoga studio and various treatment rooms.


Before having Elsa I was doing all sort of things to help increase my fertility.  I went to various Fertility Specialists (5 to be precise) and Vince and I underwent a number of tests and procedures to better understand what was taking us so long.  I grew increasingly frustrated and could not find an answer except for “Unexplained  Infertility.”  You would think that would be good news because there was nothing “Wrong” in a sense, but it also meant that it couldn’t be fixed.


My general attitude about alternative options is, Why not?  I figured it couldn’t hurt and I found pleasure in taking the time to slow down and inhale while being stuck with needles at Charleston Community Acupuncture (Groupon here), massaged at the Mom Spa (Which used to be in Mt. Pleasant) and even having a Reiki Healer do her thing.  Why Not?!

I scheduled an appointment for Vince and I to do a Foot Bath Detox that claimed to be the equivalent a much longer detox program in just about an hour.

After drinking the usual gallon of water (An exaggeration, but I try to hydrate as much as possible) and my usual shot of cider vinegar.  Alternatively Vince (who was a smoker, yuck!) had a beer downtown with a friend before meeting me on King.  He is an awesome husband for doing these things I like to do!  Swoon.

Anyway, as soon as I dunked my feet in the warm bath they began fizzing like peachy colored Alka-Seltzer. This went on until the tiny effervescent bubbles turned into a dense gray fiz and ultimately a dark gray and brown swirling and disgusting froth.  I was absolutely shocked to see my results and wondered how this could all be some sort of an elaborate scam.   In the meantime I noticed that Vince’s water was not nearly as grotesque as mine.  Did I mention he was drinking and smoking literally minutes before the detox? 

I had not hardly been drinking (Only the first two weeks of each cycle in hopes that we might conceive) eating well, and taking prenatal vitamins in addition to my daily multi to increase my chances.  I’ll never forget it, the detox lady (I don’t know what else to call her?!) looked at the water and immediately asked me if I used many beauty and cosmetics to which Vincent burst out laughing.  WTF?

Vince was smiling like the cat that ate the canary. He knew, that I smugly knew that my footbath was somehow going to be pristine and his the perfect ammunition to tell him why he needed to quit smoking. Nope, this was not the news I expected AND I want you to know that I was not made up like I generally am because I was scheduled to have a facial later that day.

Looking back that should have had a deeper impact, but to be honest we got pregnant soon after and I hadn’t given it much thought.

I have been learning a bit more about the lack of regulation and toxic ingredients regularly used in the beauty industry. I have heard of counterfeits containing who-knows-what, but I am talking about actual ingredients in the high-end stuff that can be harmful.  I can’t help but think this has not been properly addressed because it is considered a woman’s issue, but really it effects my family because I buy the soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc.  My little ones are constantly playing in the drawers in my bathroom which I thought was kind of cute, but really it is kind of scary.  Rather than keep this info to myself, I thought it best to share.


One of the brands I am finding to be high performing and safe is BeautyCounter.  I am also drawn to this brand because it is advocating to better regulate the beauty industry in Washington… and the founder Gregg Renfew seems like she is a badass.

Speaking of empowering and fostering your inner badass I just ordered this book (also below) and  will keep you posted!
img_8677Ashley R, if your reading, every time I read the title of this book I hear you saying, “Why won’t they just let me be great?!” as if YOU would ever need their permission. I miss you girl!

Oh, and Vince made this today which is pretty much an accurate depiction of what went down when I got my BeautyCounter package this afternoon.   Enjoy Vince doing his best EJ and hear Enzo laughing in the background as he almost wipes out on the stairs. 🙂

Sending Love to you and yours from Sunny Summerville SC,


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