Brow Beauty Review; Almay Stain & Blinc Mousse

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Have you seen the videos of women painting a thick liquid/gel and to their eyebrows, and peeling the gel away to reveal perfectly defined arches?

K Beauty Brow Stain

I have wanted to give it a try for a while but for whatever reason had yet to do so. I was delighted recently on a stop to Walgreens to see that Almay has released something similar called Almay Long Lasting Brow Stain. In fact, have you noticed Almay lately?

Rashida Jones is now representing Almay which is a perfect fit for the modern, smart and beautiful updates the brand seems to be making.  My friend Sam used to love Almay Liquid Liner which works well and stays put forever!

If you need a liquid eyeliner I have to recommend my absolute and newly discovered favorite which is the Fenty Beauty Flyliner.  I will review it more in depth soon, but in the meantime, it is worth it if you love liquid eyeliner and want the best.

Another Almay product I have used on and off forever is the eye makeup remover pads  and have yet to find another eye makeup remover that compares to Almay when considering price and performance.

Without makeup (and especially during the Summer months) my brows get too blonde in the tail. (You can see this in the “Before” pictures above!)

I was excited to try this product out in hopes that I could wake up in the morning with eyebrows because all of my other products wash away.  I am not ready to commit to some of the newest permanent brow perfecting solutions and so here I am.

Almay Long Lasting Eyebrow Stain

I read the directions carefully and noted that it must sit on the eyebrows for 30 minutes to set. I had no plans for the next hour or so and I decided to try it.


Application was not difficult but the substance is thick and I used a toothpick in order to get the line exactly the way I want them to be.

In the videos online the gel peels off quickly and easily, unfortunately this was not my experience. As I began to gently pry the outer edges of the gel I noted it broke and stuck oddly to certain hairs and skin.  Sorry for the up the nose/flared-nostril angle, but if you are interested, below is me prying the stain from my brows.   You can see the other eye is already done.

I was grateful that my fear of ripping off my eyebrows entirely did not come to fruition.  After pulling most off I had to use my fingernail to scrape off clumps clinging in my brows.

I found that the substance also stuck on my skin, especially any spots that were rough leaving those places a bit darker.  I would compare it to using some self tanners.   If you have ever noticed a random spot or more freckles after using some types of self tanner than you know what I am talking about.  If not, you should celebrate your youth and/or the fact that you are blessed with genetically amazing skin.  Wait a minute, I will take that back, let’s all celebrate our awesome skin and youth regardless.

Speaking of gorgeous glowing skin,  Jennifer Lopez just turned 49.  She has never looked better, right? LOVE. Her.

All in all the stain/peel process is not worth the outcome.  Had I been heading out, I would have been irritated at the time it took to peel and remove the excess stain.  Also, the reason that I thought it would be good was because of the perfect clean lines I saw on the demonstrations.  Unfortunately this was not how my brows turned out using this product.

I made a mess in the sink and so I recommend you use a waste bin for the little pieces as they peel off.

Don’t fret, I do have a eyebrow product recommendation! I have been using Blinc Eyebrow Mousse in light blond.


There is a learning curve though I find (after messing some) that it adds the perfect amount of color and control, never gets orange, disappears or worse runs into my browbone highlighter.

Can you believe that July is almost over?

What brow products are you using now?  I hope that your brows are exactly the way you want them to be and that you Summer season is beaming with fulfilment, love and JOY.

Sending love and sunshine to you and your from sunny Summerville SC,



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