Beauty Counter Volume & Shape Review


Beauty Review: Volume and Shape Shampoo and Conditioner by Beauty Counter

I am a Leo and so my hair is my mane.  I hide behind it, change it, change it back and take great pleasure in styling and treating it in various ways.


A friend recommended that I try Beauty Counter products because they are environmentally and ethically responsible. img_8012

I am always looking to add to my HG hair vault.  Summer in S’ville is fueled with sunshine, humidity and chlorine.  Add some trips to the local beaches and soon my hair needs some help.

Do you remember the old Herbal Essences commercials with the moaning from the shower?  Something about an “Organic Experience.” That’s what I want, not necessarily orgasmic or organic (Though Beauty Counter Products are organic!) but a sensory experience.

I want rich foamy soft bubbles (ideally without stripping sulfates, drying alcohol or other stuff like silicone that weighs down and damages hair) and a scent that smells like it is expensive. I want a scent that is unique and strong in the shower, and subtle after rinsing. The Beauty Counter Shampoo and Conditioner smells wonderful.  If Aveda’s Shampure and Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day lines got married and had a baby, it would smell like Beauty Counter’s Volume and Shape shampoo and conditioner with an added shot of lemongrass.  I love it.

The shampoo was rich, lathered well and rinsed leaving my hair feeling clean but not squeaky.  The conditioner left my hair feeling silky and smooth.  The price point is the same as Living Proof and other Luxury products I use and though initially I thought the bottle held less product than the others it does not.  (Living proof Bottle 8 oz, Beauty Counter 8.5)


After styling, my hair looked great, felt great and smelled divine.  What more could a Lioness ask for?

Sending Love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,



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