Memorial Day Weekend 2018 #MDW

Hello there ✨ 👋

Time seems to have accelerated since having Enzo!

It had been way too long since we welcomed the Barnwells and so we planned a Memorial Day Weekend visit to share some laughs and allow our children to get better acquainted (mostly with camera’s rolling!)

Vincent went to school with John and I met Rachel at our engagement party and clicked with her immediately.

She is a petite brunette with a sweet southern accent that might just fool you if you thought she might not tell you how it is when you need to be told.

We were pregnant together when I had Enzo, and though she was due before me, Enzo came early and Charleston came late leaving them about two weeks apart.

Here are some of my favorite looks from this past weekend, the last one before school lets out this week!

Pink Friday (Second to last Friday of the Year!)


Auntie Mame is one of the most fabulous, glamorous and interesting women of all time.  Her looks are always transformative and worldly. I aspire to be as stylish and fabulous as Auntie Mame not only with my personal style but also in our home.

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40th Birthday Trip to Paris?? YES!

Each of her outfits weaves a story and brings interest and flair to the cookie cutter late 1950/60’s humdrum world of suburbs, stereotypes and conformity.

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Me at school messing with my smartboard, speaker cords,  and computer charger….

She has fun and never takes herself to serious, but knows deep down she is a bad ass and can pretty much endure and eventually be amazing in whatever life throws her way.

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Enzo and I in about five years

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I adore an interesting presence, unique style and beauty. Something about Auntie Mame is strong and clever and somehow both relatable and untouchable at the same time…like J-Lo

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My top is a favorite found years ago at a small boutique in Georgia.  I love the detail, color and always feel like it adds something special to any look. My jeans are distressed and I particularly like the poem written on the back of the right leg which adds something unexpected.

I have been wearing a flamed out eye and the humidity has hit hard in SC, and so my hair started curled and ended tied high with a pineapple bandana from Walmart to add a sweet southern touch.

Saturday Beach Day at Isle of Palms

We have been to the beach more this Spring than years previous and it has been awesome!  In years past we have been a little overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to pack, and the fear of various beach/children’s issues that it almost wasn’t worth the trip.

Enzo last summer 🙏

Now that Enzo and Elsa are a little bigger (2 and 4) that it is a lot more fun to explore the shore.

Of course poor Vince still has to haul a load, but we have got it almost down to a science.

I am so glad that one piece suits are having a come back, and find them to be stylish, flattering and particularly useful as little hands tend to grab and pull on things such as bikini straps and/or bottoms.  Here, here and here are suits that are very similar to mine.

Here is Enzo’s little flamingo suit.  He is wearing a 3T.

Here is Vince’s 90’s inspired suit. He is wearing a large.

Elsa’s suit was a gift from Nans that she found at VonMauer and sent for her B-day.

It is adorable!  Below are some others from Von Maur, they have adorable children’s clothing.  Here, here and here are some others I have in my amazon wishlist for Elsa.

kate spade new york Girls 2-6X Neon Chill Swimsuit

Sunday Lemon Set in Charleston

Charleston is always beautiful backdrop for photos. These are some of my favorites in this lemon skirt and top set that was perfect for a day exploring our City.

A Trip to Rolly Pollies

We did not have school on Monday to recognize the brave men and women who have sacrificed so that we can live in our amazing country.

Throwback Joy babes ❤️[[

On Monday we enjoyed one last activity to let the kids wear themselves out before the Barnwells hit the road back to Georgia and we settled in for a Monday afternoon noon nap (And for me…laundry!)

We discovered Rolly Pollies after I first had Enzo and needed a special place to take Elsa that was fun and welcomed little ones.  They have open gym times for kids under 5 and even evening open gym for kids if the parents need to run out or enjoy a date night.

We haven’t tried that yet, but there is Charleston Beer Works next store and a Walmart nearby so I see this as something we will definitely look further into as our kids get a little older.

I wore this blue set with a sweater over it so for a light extra layer.  I have previously posted about it here.

We had an amazing Memorial weekend and I hope you did too. Don’t you just love having friends that you can get together with, even after a bit of time has passed and pick up right where you left off? Wishing you love and joy this weekend and each weekend this summer.

Sending love and sunshine from sunny Summerville South Carolina


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