A Joy filled Weekend in early May


Last weekend Vince and I went to Charleston and met at Poogan’s Smokehouse (BBQ) for dinner and drinks with my cousin PD, who’s beautiful glowing wife is expecting! 

Here are some of my favorite shots and looks from the weekend.

Friday Night (Previous Post here)



Saturday Morning


Saturday Night


I kind of over did it on the highlighter, but, I just want to.





I am not trying to brag, but look at Elsa’s hair!?!  The natural highlights are perfection.

Sunday Night


The Newest Member of the Family is almost here!

Emily planned the Baby-moon beginning in Charleston (So happy they fit us in!!) and ending in Savannah.  They wanted to capture a few special memories before the baby makes three. img_7062

Emily has celebrated family holidays in NY with my mom, sister and extended family but I had yet to meet her…until now.  Emily is a dark haired beauty with one of those basketball pregnant bellies that I was not blessed with when expecting!


This will be my Cousin and Emily’s first child and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  It’s a boy to be born in NYC!  He will enjoy the sounds and sights of the city that never sleeps, which in some ways is perfect for a little one!  I can’t wait to see PD as a father.  As a little boy he carried his “My Buddy” Doll everywhere before growing fond of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and various other rough and tumble boyish toys and games   For some reason I remember playing Clue and Guess Who with him, and of course he always loved  telling jokes (which fits, he is pretty funny.)

I have so many fond memories with him. The picture above left is he and my brother rough housing with wrapping paper.  My sister and I are in the background, I am making some awesome bow shades.  The other picture is PD in the cutest red suspenders and plaid pants.


For me there is some sort of like healing (but not really closure because it is ongoing and infinite) in parenting.  It’s an opportunity to create another humans childhood and when they are really young (If you are amazingly blessed and fortunate) you can make it the way you would have liked it to have been for yourself.  Does that make sense?  I think a part of you remembers how fun it was to play with Barbies or color and dance like a total fool.  It is an exceptional feeling to do this as a woman with your daughter.  With Enzo it is like seeing my little brother Tommy, PD or a little Vince and he is just the cutest sweetest thing in the world.  I didn’t know if I could possibly love our son as much as I love our daughter, but I do!  It is an amazing feeling to be bursting at the seems with pure and abundant unconditional love.  Soon we will welcome our nephew baby PD into this crazy and amazing world. 

Congratulations Guys, it is the best!

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


First Look at the little one below.  Can’t wait to do this again in about 21 years. Cheers!!!


Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


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