Jumpsuit, Sunshine, Dermacol and Pizza


Welcome my amazing beauty and style people.  Thank you for stopping by! It was so beautiful this weekend in Summerville SC!  Right now I am, missing that beautiful warm sunshine has it has cooled down a bit so far this week.   Today was cool but sunny, and yesterday was cool and rainy which was a drag…especially on a Monday Morning with the time change “Springing us ahead” and making us lose an hour of precious sleep.  I can say after having the babies that hour seems like nothing, but every thing is relative! And it has been a while since the every two hour feeding, pumping, changing and swaddling rotation.


I love a good romper (previous posts here , here, here , here and here)…wow I didn’t realize how much I loved them!


I wore this fun jumpsuit (Which costs 23 dollars!) and an white open sweater.  The back is open and so I prefer to wear something that covers, but still shows some of the cut out. (On the weekend!)

FANCYINN Women Stripe Print Sleeveless Zipper Back Long Jumpsuit Romper Casual Style M

For school I will wear full coverage and pair with a blazer or sweater.  Brown casual block heel sandals (similar here, here and here.) and simple jewelry made this an easy and quick look for a day spent chasing Enzo, Elsa and Vincent!

Here are some others that are similar:

GAMISOTE Striped Bohemian Jumpsuit Sexy V-neck Strap Rompers JumpsuitVelius Women Jumpsuit Sexy Sleeveless Halter High Waist Stripe Backless Wide Leg Pants Romper (Medium)


I have been loving the R+Co Mannequin styling Paste at my roots, and my Living Proof Perfect Hairday Cream from the middle to ends of my hair.   For Shampoo and Conditioner I just finished my bottles of IGK Hot Girls Shampoo and Conditioner.  I love it, but can’t help but wonder if I could find something even better.  I am not quite ready to settle in for a while.  I recently ordered R+Co Television Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner.  I can’t wait to try it out!  I wash my hair at night and apply the Mannequin Paste (very little bit) to the front at the hair line, and apply the PHD cream to the ends.  In the morning I brush it and roll it with Calista Tools long hair rollers in the morning.

Dermacol Makeup

A friend was looking for a makeup to cover some bruises on her legs from her pet pig kicking her.  I guess it is not terribly uncommon to have a pet pig though I don’t think I have ever met a person with a pet pig in real life.  For some reason I vaguely remember Delta Burke from Designing Women had a pet pig?  I am not sure if I made that up, if she didn’t she should have!   I am amused when I see Magnolia (The Pig) luxuriating in a fork to the hair of her chinny chin chin!

Image result for pet pig

Dermacol costs about 17 dollars, is full coverage and stays put all day.  When I say full coverage I am talking stage makeup, but it blends well and when used sparingly and/or as a concealer it works wonders!  It can cover tattoos, bruises etc.

 Dermacol Make-up Cover - Waterproof Hypoallergenic Foundation 30g 100% Original Guaranteed from Authorized Stockists - BUY 2 AND GET SATIN MAKEUP BASE FREE (224)

This morning I mixed a tiny bit of the Dermacol with the Globiotics serum I use and applied to my shoulders and neck.  It gave a bit of coverage with some added glow that did not transfer.Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation, 30 g (207)

The smallest bit of Dermacol covers your entire face and so the tube will last forever.  I am almost out of my IT cosmetics concealer that I have worn loyally for the past 7 years and I am thinking I may use this for a while instead.  It doesn’t have the almost wet finish that the IT has, BUT it sits better for longer than the IT.  When I wipe the creases that form under my eyes the Dermacol easily re-blends and still covers.  With the IT I feel like I have to blot it carefully or it will slide off.  I like that the Dermacol really stays put. I am wearing the second from the fairest color and it is a little light, you can see the difference in the shades between my chest and face.  I think I will order this color and the next shade in order to customize how I use it. (This exact shade is 209.)


One winter break Vince and I were visiting Rochester and my Brother Tommy, Vince and I had “The Ultimate Pizza Challenge.”

Image result for marks pizza

In one day we went to as many pizza places (in Fairport and Pittsford NY) as we could possibly visit in order to determine which had the best of the best of the best.  There were categories such as best crust, service, price, sauce and dipping options.  I like the crust that has those big bubbles and dried flour.   It was a serious and prestigious honor to be recognized as the best pizza in town, Ha!

Image result for pontillos pizza

Ultimately we could not decide just one BEST, but the winners were Pizza Chef, Mark’s, Pontillo’s and TK’s. There could have been some high school memories impacting Tom and my votes, but we had a blast and were over stuffed with pizza by the late afternoon.

Pizza is also a part of our Christmas Holiday each year. Since meeting Vince we have competed in Family Pizza Cook-Off Challenges each December. Vince and I won the first year in Atlanta with a classic Margarita.  The next year in Fort Lauderdale Vince’s brother Tony and husband Jason won it with a dessert pizza.  Is dessert pizza really pizza? I say it’s not, but the votes said otherwise!

Donatos Pizza in Summerville, SC


One of the perks of this blog is working with other style and beauty bloggers, trying different products and makeup, finding interesting shops, brands etc.

When Donatos offered us a free pizza we were excited to try it out.  After all we love pizza!

Image result for donatos summerville sc

Donatos is in Summerville is in Azalea Square, and we love pizza!


Back to Donatos…. the coupon was for one free specialty pizza of our choice, and we went with The Chicken Bruschetta.  We ordered on the phone on Sunday night, and it was ready for pick up in 15 minutes.  That was unexpected as I thought it would take a bit longer.

With Elsa and Enzo bedtime and dinner are early, so we headed to Azalea square around 5 to pick it up.  The atmosphere was welcoming and I like the décor.  The young woman behind the register was a little confused as to how to honor the voucher and had to go to the back and ask her manager several times how she should ring it up.  I was surprised that the manager didn’t come and introduce her or himself, as the reason we received the voucher was because I would be blogging about the experience, but regardless that is what happened.


After her third time going back to ask for help (she was super sweet and apologized for the inconvenience) she stated that the voucher would cover the pizza of lesser value. The pizza of lesser value was a personal 7 inch cheese pizza that was $5.19!  So basically we paid the same 20 dollars that we would have paid at Mellow Mushroom.


Now when I shared all this with Vince (who was waiting in the car with our kids) he said he would have said something.  I did not, and so I do not know if that would have changed things.

While it wasn’t really the best deal, the pizza was really good.  We liked the sauce, and the chicken was not dry.  It also looked good, if that is something that matters to you!  We also tried the plain cheese pizza, the sauce was a sweet and the crust was thin.  The cheese was cooked in a way that makes those little crispy tan/brown spots.  Yum!

Try it out if you are so inclined, and let me know your thoughts!


Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,




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