An Ordinary Approach to Beauty


I have to tell you about a brand (New to me) that was recommended by my fabulous sister called “The Ordinary.”   I like the play on simplicity, customization and finding beauty in the everyday.

The Ordinary has a variety of formulations that can be used individually, combined or even added to your current regiment for a boost.  I am trying to turn back time, and recently have a new area to obsess about.  I know, I know, resistance is futile, but as for this moment I am still prepared to resist what time will inevitably droop, drape and crepe!

I am looking to reduce the look of fine lines and increase collagen production.  My first sign of aging was crow’s feet, and now this lower face thing is starting to annoy me, so I gave The Ordinary a try.  Specifically I was looking for a Retinoid for fine lines, and something with peptides to build collagen/plump and firm.

I went with (and also recommend) The Buffet (Here) and Granactive Retinoid Emulsion (Here).  You can see the entire line on the Ordinary Website here.

The line is based on medical grade ingredients that have been proven effective, and the prices are incredible. Using these products seems smart and un-fussy in a Gwyneth sort of way.Image result for quotes about living with beauty each day

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,



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