Revive Dull Winter Hair with IGK Prenup



Vince complemented my hair yesterday, which I appreciated.  He said something like, “Without the humidity your hair looks great!”  Is that a compliment?  I took it that way.

Esmeralda Joy (Our Cat) has found her spot beside our Christmas tree which sets a festive and relaxed mood in our home. It’s that dimly lit time of year when the leaves are down and damp. It feels right to be nestled in at home for the night at 6:30 when the sun sets. I am embracing soft comfy layers, rain boots, and letting my roots grow.  Is it me or does coffee always taste extra good this time of year?

It is closed toe shoes/boots weather. One of my favorite parts of each day is when I take off Elsa and Enzo’s little shoes and socks to free their chunky soft feet. I squeeze those warm and sock-marked feet few times. I love to see their faces, and adore the way Enzo comes and sits directly on my lap as if he is ready for me to take off his shoes as soon as we walk in the door.

Hair Goals

My hair goals are in progress and my roots are not good. At this point I’m not exactly sure of my entire plan.  Golden, Honey, Highlights, Lowlights, a chop…I love Julia Roberts hair, and right now (See pics below) it is perfectly undone.

My hair goals are in progress and my roots are not good. At this point I’m not exactly sure of my entire plan. First, in an attempt to perk it up a bit, I plan to treat my hair with some excellent treatment masks.  Right now twice a week I am using IGK Prenup.

In the meantime a fab hat is great for hiding hair issues.

I pin it up frequently (Especially if it is raining!)

IGK Prenup

I think IGK’s spray Prenup mask might make it the treatment more effective for longer than a jar or tub.  Though it is a spray it is not quite a mist, so at first I was not only spraying it in a stream on my hair but also on the tile in our shower.  No problem there, but I hate to waste it, and so I tend to spray it a bit more deliberately.

Prenup is modeled after the popular “Splash Masks.”  You spray it on your hair in the shower, wait a minute and rinse.   I think it works well on my fine hair and doesn’t weigh it down.

If you are looking for something bit different to add to your hair routine to provide a little extra nourishment, I would highly recommend this mask.  I would love to know your thoughts!


Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,



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