Your Best Skin from Grass?

Hydrated, Smooth and Evenly Toned Skin is ALWAYS In


For the longest time I have LOVED Dr.Jart+ Waterfuse BB.  I have used many others (IT, Dior, LauraMercier, and many more.  I have even tried all of the other Dr. Jart+ BB’s and CC’s.  The Waterfuse is my favorite, I use it every day for light coverage a clean feel and the added benefit of SPF.


Though I am fair skinned, acne prone, with some sun damage and the onset of wrinkles and fine lines…this BB has been my go to.  My only complaint (Until Now!) has been that it doesn’t provide as much coverage as I sometimes want.  I would say it is light to medium coverage and that a little goes a looooong way.

For whatever reason the various primers I have tried (from oil, to cream, gel and oil free formulations) have made me break out.  I have finally found something to put on before the BB that takes it to the next level of flawless.


The “Special” ingredient is an Asian grass known for healing properties.  According to lore Tigers discovered this property and can be found rolling around in it in order to heal cuts, scratches and gouges after epic tiger fights.  OK, I made up the epic tiger fights, but still…I figured if it works on Tiger in the wild, then it might just work for my occasional blemish, ruddy complexion or any other unsightly skin irritation.

This color correction treatment is making my skin look and feel fantastic.  It reduces redness and works perfectly under my Waterfuse BB to provide more coverage and leave my skin feeling and looking smooth, hydrated and even.  I love it, and can’t tell enough people about it.

The Cicapair has not caused any breakouts or sensitivity and I use it around my eyes where sensitivity, stinging and eye irritation often becomes an issue.  You HAVE to try it

They have small ones here on amazon (Sephora is sold out of the small online) or you can get a full size here, or here .

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


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