Monday Motivation

img_8399Today was very much a Monday, but for some reason I woke up excited for the day.

Actually I didn’t quite wake up that way. but after my coffee (mostly espresso) I was ready to go.  It was cold out, actually freezing this morning and Elsa threw a fit of a lifetime when I made her wear a coat this morning.

It was supposed to be in the 60’s today, and it was absolutely glorious!

Though sunny, we couldn’t take out students to “Courtyard” (which is recess) because it was 49 out at 11, and it has to be 50 or above for us to go out.  That is somewhat of a drag because it means the class I teach after “Courtyard” and lunch are cooped up in my classroom during that time.

Right now the kids are all pumped up about The SC State Fair, which is a big deal to them, and of course Halloween is coming, so the sugar is plentiful.

As I am typing this I am watching Halloween 5, which is the top of my favorite Halloween Movies (Halloween 4 and 5 are amazing and go together, I highly recommend!)  In college Halloween 4 and 5 were always on AMC (Like they are now!) and I remember watching them over and over.  It isn’t because I love scary movies, but it is the style and the cheese factor that I adore.  The teenagers with amazing hard bangs partying in a barn, the cute couples, teenage angst and of course that music!  Shout out to 9 Ward, that was the one way street I lived on with five amazing girls at SUNY Geneseo. We would get home from a night out (The IB, Kelly’s…) eat a slice of pizza dipped in ranch, hot sauce and/or blue cheese, and watch Michael Myers.

So, back to my story.  The kids were wound up today, and my last class is generally my biggest challenge.  They have incredibly high energy, are particularly social, and just overall very loud.

One student in that last class usually comes to my class in the morning to say Hello and drop off our list of students staying in during courtyard to complete assignments etc.  She always leaves little signs all over my room saying “______ Was Here.”  This happens almost every day.  Half way through the day I will see a sign taped to my cabinet or a random spot on the wall with her name on it.

It is sort of strange, but I never thought too much of it.  It was always a bit annoying because I leave paper out for kids in need, and she always would take a sheet or two for these signs.  I just figured for whatever reason she needs to express to me, and my classes that she exists.  Yes, I think weird things like that.

I read somewhere once that Marilyn Monroe would look at herself in the mirror almost constantly, and that she needed to see her reflection so that she had proof that she was there. I have no idea if that is true, and where I read it, but I was very young and it left an impression on me. I wondered if this was why I looked in the mirror frequently, or if it was just because I am vain!  I sort of thought that was along the same lines as these little signs that my student would leave.

Last Thursday this student shoved me a notebook and asked if she could give it to me, and if I could look at her writing and we could write back and forth in it.  I start class each day with a journal prompt and so I thought perhaps she is into writing.  I took the book and put it in my work bag telling her I would love to check it out.

Today my last class was somewhat overwhelming. After that class I have a planning period and so after tidying up a bit I slumped at my desk with a huff. It hit me then that I had not read and returned her notebook, this would be a perfect time to give some feedback.  I sat at my desk and began reading.  It began with some basic info, and then I was INSPIRED.

“You are my world’s best teacher because you are funny, nice, sweet, and tall.  You have blue eyes, and your family is beautiful. So I trust you and have faith in you.” Wow.  I kept reading.  She went on to tell me about her siblings and friends.

Then I read this…

“My mom was pregnant and the baby had died in her tummy and she was always really sad. My mom was 41 when she died, I think that God wanted my Momma to live with her baby in heaven. My Dad had a heart attack when I was 6 and so he lives with my Mom and her baby all together.  Don’t be sad, It’s OK, they are safe now.”

This passage ended like this… “I talk a lot when I am writing IDK why but I do. 🙂 🙂 🙂 My favorite word is Happy, because I am always Happy.”

I am so grateful for this girl, and all of the others like her. I am grateful for the girls I don’t even realize are looking at us to lift them up.  I pray that her faith is well placed on me, and I pray for help me to guide and teach her.

Today I taught my students about Marie Antoinette and the 3 Estates in France.  This student reminded me of my purpose which has nothing to do with the French Revolution.

I needed this motivation, and will do my best to help this student (and as many as I can!) to develop into a strong, healthy and amazing young woman.

What is inspiring you tonight?

Sending Love to you and yours from Sunny Summerville SC,




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