Can’t Steal My Joy…Nasty Pictures… PUH-Lease

Good Afternoon lovely non-judgmental and powerful people.

I want you to know that you are always welcome here, young or old, made up or fresh faced, fat or skinny, styled, naked or somewhere in between!  Welcome you to The Joy of Summerville blog!  
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Some interesting things happened yesterday which I want to share.

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At 7 am when I usually get to school to prepare for the day I walked the hall with a colleague who told me about a parent call she made the night before.  A student in her class had said and written that another teacher has a “Juicy Butt” in her classroom.  Oh Heck no I thought!  During lunch I spoke with that teacher and she shared with me that last year someone wrote the same sentiments in the boy’s restroom.

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Then after lunch a colleague came to my classroom and shared some “sensitive” information with me.  I stood to shut my classroom door assuming this would be something that people in the halls might not need to overhear.

I respect this teacher for coming to me, and he shared he was worried about it all morning.  As you know this is my first year at this school, and so I do not know anyone very well, and they don’t know who I am.

Anyway, the sensitive topic was “Nasty” pictures of me that some 7th grade boys mentioned seeing on the internet.  I felt so many ways, a bit embarrassed, and more irritated I was embarrassed.  I immediately made my Facebook and Insta private.  I was bummed the rest of the day, and thinking deeply about what it means to be a teacher and a woman today.  I was wondering what I would think if Elsa or Enzo was in a teacher’s class with a Blog with pictures like mine.

Here is the thing.  I know who I am, and I am awesome (as are you!) Although I am a teacher, I hate to tell you but I am also a woman.  I have many facets, interests, and ideas.  Believe it or not… I have legs, and that’s OK!  I am proud of my family, my style and my work (Both in the classroom and beyond.)  I do my best to keep myself looking decent (I could do more or less of course!) but I am what I am, and I should not be ashamed, and I am not going to be.

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I am more than any one thing, including a Mother, Teacher, Wife, Blogger and certainly a  “Nasty” picture or two.  When will women be free of judgement and fear that we either should  not be sexy at all whatsoever or that our sexiness is our most valuable attribute?

Let’s make that happen, I will go first.

In the word’s of my childhood hero, the brilliant Jem and the Holograms…”I can be beautiful or truly outrageous…It all depends on the mood I’m in!”Image result for jem and the holograms thigh highs

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Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


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