At Home Eyebrow Tint?

Hey Sunday Beauty and Style lovers, I hope you are recharging today!

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Bold Eyebrows before using at least two different if not three brow products each day?!  Why not give it a try?!


Those were my thoughts before using Just for Men in Dark Brown to darken my brows.

Just For Men AutoStop Men's Hair Color, Dark Brown

After a tip from a friend I thought I would try out using Just for Men to tint my eyebrows rather than getting them done when I get my lashes filled Tuesday at Carolina Eye Candy, or the next time I go to Susan at Luxe.My brows are medium/thin but where they seem thin they actually are just light hairs.  So I tried it!



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Image result for dark eyebrows blonde hair

Image result for dark eyebrows blonde hair

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I recently used Revlon Color Silk on my brows. I have had success with it previously but must have went too light because it sort of brass-ed the dark part of my eyebrow which I really didn’t want to change.  It was not terrible but thought maybe I should see what else people use.

I have heard good things about using Henna Dye but I didn’t want to run to the beauty supply store and remembered Just for Men when I was picking some things up at Target. Basically when choosing the Just for Men color I over corrected with Dark Brown and my brows are a bit too dark and look a bit like I used a Sharpie.

I actually like it and think I will love it when it fades a bit. You can use the tube again and again and it only takes ten minutes to darken.  It will dye your skin so use an eyeliner brush to apply or over-apply but wipe with an eye shadow applicator (the foam kind with the plastic handle) to squeegee it off of your skin right away.

I think I like it! Hopefully it is not too crazy!

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Happy Sunday! Sending love to you and yours from sunny summerville SC,


Image result for dark eyebrows blonde hair




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