Magnetic Eyelashes…An Honest Review


Magnetic Eyelashes that clamp on both sides of the lashes, use no glue, and are easy to apply???  Brilliant!  Why didn’t I  think of this!?? I saw Magnetic Eyelashes in a magazine and knew I had to try them.


First came the research…Reviews were my primary focus on Amazon.  Eventually I chose these due to having good reviews, reasonable price and being PRIME.  You know I want instant gratification!
While I waited I watched some advertisements and viewed some “how tos” which (As you and I know!) always make it seem like they are the fastest, easiest, and most beautiful lashes EVAH!  It *looks like you can set a strip on top, then take the match and place it under (Pinning the lashes between) and it is almost like magic!  I found that isn’t quite that case, but they are still worth sharing about!

The Package

When the package arrived it was a pretty clear plastic compact.  Each set of magnetic lashes was held in place using a small magnet.  I thought that was clever!  The magnets are small and rectangular, and they are pretty strong considering how small they are.
I get my eyelashes done about every four weeks at Carolina Eye Candy (Lately I have stretched it from three to four weeks to save a bit of time and money.
I am not sure if it is because I am just used to them now or if I am just destined to have eyelash envy (especially when I look at our children!) but I want more more more!
Latisse works okay, but since the first time I used it I could never quite get that amazingly thick and long lash look. Maybe I am comparing it to the extensions, or if my eyelashes somehow stopped responding after I took a break during pregnancy and started the extensions, but either way, for me, the extensions are what works best, and a good coat of mascara for an extra boost.  I would order Bimatoprost or Careprost online for a third of what the Latisse costs.  You might want to look into that if you are a Latisse lover, or have ever wanted to try it but didn’t want to spend 75-125 dollars depending on the quantity. (You can get the other online from 25-40)

Falsies Recommendations

I always have some extras on hand!


I like fake eyelashes, and I am able to do the falsies pretty well. My eyes are sensitive and I find that when I apply using glue (I have tried various types) that it can be annoying, and cake-y.  Sometimes it is tricky to get the glue completely off, it stings my eyes and sometimes it messes up my makeup, which is why I was so excited to try these falsies that use magnets.
Kiss I Envy Trio Medium 30 Trio Lashes (3 Pack)
If I am using glue and falsies, my favorites are these.  They look real and give you the control to fill in where you want them the most, and are less detectable than a classic strip.  I won’t lie, this time of year I always get excited when I see the crazy lashes that are in the stores for cheap because of Halloween!

Practice Makes…Not Quite Perfect


It was time to start messing, and it took me a few tries to figure out how to get them placed correctly.
At first I wasn’t so worried about placing them along the base of my lashes, I figured that if they were placed farther down it would only add to their length.  While the length part is true, it made them too detectable, and felt weird.
On my second try I got one set on each eye and thought they looked pretty good. If yu look very close from above you can see those small rectangular magnets that hold the lashes together.  I don’t think anyone would notice unless they were really staring, but it is something to consider if you do not want anyone to know they are not completely your own.  That left eye was driving me crazy!  Every now and then I felt like I could see it today, but it never did move or fall off!
Since I ordered four sets, I figured I should put the second set on each eye (More on the inner  lash line since I had done the other sets more toward the outer eye. ) If a little is good, then adding more must be great!  This is where things got a little frustrating, and when I had to take them off and try again I lost a lash or two.
It might be the glue that fuses my extensions to my real lashes that caused the problem, because I couldn’t just easily slide them down my lash without hitting that small glue dot.
Also, in an effort to blend my lashes with the extensions and the magnetic lashes I broke out my eyelash curler…Which…. is. Metal.  Of course this messed them up a bit because the magnet lashes were attracted to the curler.  I realized quickly and it wasn’t disastrous…but I did have to fix one set.


Final Thoughts

I like them, but I am not in LOVE.  I love the idea of them and think with a bit more practice they might be perfect for adding a little something extra for a special event or a day I want to amp up my eye lash game and don’t want to mess with any glue.  For now, I will wear them occasionally and keep on getting my extensions.


Have you tried these yet?  Would love to know your thoughts!

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


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