Beauty Buzz: Water Basic or Better?

It’s in the Water


Is Water the “New” IT ingredient?img_2899

Is simple better?  Aunt Becky (Yes the ageless Lori Loughlin) taught me the trick, that less is more.  Makeup is meant to accentuate not cover natural beauty.

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Here are my thoughts on Water (a not so new) beauty ingredient.

I went to a makeup artist before getting my senior pictures done.  The woman was sort of a mystic.  She suggested that I splash my face with water ten times each morning and each night for clear skin.  That always stuck with me, and never worked!  My skin is sensitive and breaks out.  I have read some people on the internet that do not use anything at all on their faces, just water.  That’s just not me.


This is more my style…It’s the packaging and the reading of reviews and hype. Watching tutorials and promos.

Washing my makeup brushes and sharpening my eyeliners is fun. When I go through my makeup and pair different things together or reorganize it I feel peaceful.

It is the playing and experimenting and feeling I get when I find something special. Pampering and primping  makes me feel like the best (looking) version of myself…or like I can (appear to) be a different looking best version of myself.




I love beauty products and I LOVE makeup.  They are fun and I do not want to deprive myself of this love because I dry out, break out or over do it from time to time!  Somehow thinking of water as an “ingredient” does seem to make sense.

Water is in and around us all of the time.  Using it as part of my beauty ritual is already a habit.  Water alone makes me think of simplicity and purity.  The theme behind many of these products is plumping by helping the skin to hold on to that moisture.

These water creams, lotions, masks, sheets and serums have been creeping up everywhere over the last year or so.  I want to try Neutrogena hydro boost, Tatcha Water Cream, Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid.

Beauty Trend:  All or Nothing

I have noticed that beauty products (and makeup looks) are going in two opposing directions.  There is the less is more…and the more is more approach.  A good friend preparing to start a family reached out and asked which natural/safe products she should try that might be comparable to her usual stuff. (LaMer, Trish McEvoy, Skinceuticals, Kevin Murphy, Oribe…)

I love the idea of all natural products. but have found that they are not as effective. Maybe I have just tried the wrong ones for my skin?  If I had to choose between day at an all natural organic spa, or an hour or two at a Medi Spa…I would choose the Medi.  (Ideally I would do both!) Perhaps it is the self loathing (not really) in me but a peel should sting, a laser should slap, a crunch should burn. Most of the time if something is going to give real visible results, you have to feel it.

Boom Cosmetics

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Having said all of that, I will say I like the idea of simplicity.  One of the products I have on my wish list is “Boom by Cindy Joseph. ”  If anything this women is cool (in addition to being beautiful and smart).  Boom is a reference to the babyboomers looking for no BS makeup with nothing extra that is flattering (rather than trying to mask their age with heavy makeup.)

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Instead of being Anti Aging, she is Pro Age.  I like that!

Dr.Jart+ Water Fuse Eye Gel


I love my Dr. Jart+ BB and use it pretty much every day.  I have recently found a new eye cream, and I LOVE it.  It is Dr. Jart+ Hydrosoothe eye gel.  You can get it here.  I don’t know how to describe the consistency of this eye cream.


It is most similar to a gel, but it has some texture that is difficult to explain.  It really is somewhere between a traditional gel and cream.  That tiniest bit of texture gives it some extra depth/staying power/effectiveness.

Laniege Water Mask


The other product that I have been using at night is Laniege Water Mask.  I saw it a while ago, and came across a sample of this and another Laniege mask called “Multi Yogurt Repairing Mask.”  You can get this sample kit and try it out here.  In addition to that kit, there is also a three sample kit (here) which also includes the Lip Mask.  I either didn’t see (or it hadn’t come out yet) the three sample kit, but I would like to try that lip mask.  For now I will stick to my go to holy grail….aquaphor.  I use it all the time every day.


In my sample I liked both but decided (although the yogurt repair mask has a fantastic smell) that I would stick to the water mask.  It is weird because it doesn’t dry.  Initially it made no sense to me because all I thought about was getting it all over my pillow case, which I must do, but it doesn’t leave a mess and when I wake my skin feels smooth and plumped.

What are your current beauty buys and wishes?  Have you made any beauty discoveries lately?


Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,





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