Black & White Jeans




High Waisted Jeans

They are everywhere, and have been back for a while and so I embraced the high waisted jean.  They also have that perfect slit in each knee.  I have no idea why I needed them to have that. but I just did.

It is weird, especially because I was a teenager during the time of Brittney Spears jeans.  Jeans were cut so low it was almost obscene.  (Not that I wasn’t one of the girls rocking them…I even had a pair that was fringed like it had been cut off at the top.  I just remembered another pair that actually had a lace up suede/string tie where there should have been a zipper and a button.  I am grateful that pictures were taken way less frequently then.  Usually on those disposable paper cameras that had to be developed at the store and so there is no known evidence of these terrible jeans.

I find jeans to be difficult to shop for, especially online.  The ones I am wearing are here.  I love white jeans, but in these pictures the black is definitely more flattering. For white jeans though (and the black too) the materials is very forgiving.

Looking at the pictures I don’t love the white shirt I am wearing with the white jeans.  I wish I had just kept on the bodysuit and worn the two pairs of jeans to have that comparison.  I will have to remember that.  Here is is if you love it.  I think it would be cuter with a super wide leg like these, or cute shorts like these and these.

Striped Top

The Striped Cold Shoulder bodysuit I am wearing is here.  I was a little nervous about horizontal stripes, I read a long time ag that horizontal stripes would make you look wider.

Here is another bodysuit that is a tank, and here (crew neck bodysuit) and here (off the shoulder bodysuit).

It was about 100 degrees the day we took these pictures and I was way too hot.  Right now this bodysuit would look cute with these shorts. (right)

The backdrop for this shoot is The Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site.


Sending Love to You and Yours from sunny Summerville SC,


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