A Wedding Weekend in Highlands, NC


The Moore & Cannon Wedding was beautiful, effortless, and just right for Ginger and Justin in Highlands, NC. Every detail was considered and suited the IMG_2205 (1) bride and groom from the welcome gifts (including the essential oil facial spray, and bath bombs) to the band and naked wedding cake at the reception.  The tone was natural, lavish and right.

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The Newlyweds!

Heading to the Highlands

We took in the beautiful sights while breathing the fresh mountain air as we headed to Highlands, NC.

IMG_2907 (1)

The scenic drive reminded me of childhood trips to the Adirondacks with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Peter, and of afternoons at Letchworth and Stonybrook Parks in Upstate NY.

Vincent picked up our S’Ville T’s at Palmetto Moon in Azalea Square.

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The Highlands Inn

As we walked to our room in The Highlands Inn the receptionist mentioned that we were not in “The Ghost Room” but were in the room next door.  Creepy! Image result for the highlands Inn NC

The ghost tale added some lore to our weekend, and went well with the style of decor and music. If you are into spooky stories, this book with spooky tales of the Highlands and Cashiers NC.

Haunted Hills: Ghosts and Legends of Highlands and Cashiers, North CarolinaThe Highlands Inn was the first hotel in the Highlands, and was like stepping back in time. 
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 Music played on the first floor that sounded as if it was Related imageon an old record player or phonograph!  I LOVED it!

There was definitely an unusual vibe at the Inn (For instance Christmas Music played as we enjoyed our breakfast, but for some reason it seemed sentimental).

The painting below was in our room, which (to me) was a reminder of ghost next door.  Strangely it was nailed to the wall?!


I thought it would be fun at some point in the weekend to do a shoot inspired by The Shining at the Inn, but we never found the time.  We will put it on our list for our next visit!  Image result for the shining

Below are some other photos we took in our hotel before walking around and shopping a bit during the afternoon.  My blue dress was as close as I could come to those Shining twins. (Click here for Blue Dress Blog)

Image result for the highlands Inn NC

Definitely a departure from the modern style that many hotels feature today.  I am wearing this blue dress.

The weather was sunny with a fresh breeze making it cooler and dryer than in Summerville now, and the night was particularly cool and pleasant.

Image result for shopping at highlands nc

The shopping was great, and we picked up some things we just couldn’t resist!


L’Core Paris Image result for l'core paris

Image result for L'Core paris


It really did appear lifted!

The picture (Left) does not do this woman justice.

She was striking and had clear, taught, smooth and line free skin.

She used a wipe to remove my makeup and put the “60 Second Facelift” below my left eye. I liked the look and delivery system of the jar. She shared that L’Core is very exclusive with stores in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas… and… The Highlands.

The “60 Second Facelift” (pictured below right) had a visible tightening/lifting effect but I couldn’t commit.  Image result for l'Core Paris facelift

Here’s my Rational for NOT buying it.

#1: Everyone knows the “Free Sample/ Reach for the Hand” move…and it doesn’t seem to be the most reputable way to sell a product.  (If it does what is claims to do, I would imagine women would be lining up to get their hands on it?!)

#2: Never heard of it from a friend, or read about it. I have learned since it was created in 2011, and am not sure what to make of the reviews and info online.

#3: The Cost.  $1250.00, and “Today only” I would also get the serum.  That was the nail in the coffin and is absurd.  It is made even more absurd by points 1 and 2.Image result for l'Core Paris serum

I would much rather use a serum (or product) each night at home rather than making an appointment, and taking the time to go.  Not to mention dealing with needles, bruising, or other complications like a weird eyebrow arch or droop.  That would certainly be worth 1250!  I have found if it seems to good to be true, it probably is not true (especially promises made by beauty companies.)  I will admit, I am intrigued.

I left the store with the appearance of tighter eye area than I had when I entered.

Is there anyone else who recommends (or the opposite) these products?  I would love to know more!

If you have ever been caught up by these stores or kiosks and would like a product similar to the one they applied (a tightening/freezing serum) I would recommend the Peter Thomas Roth   FirmX product line (pictured below.)Image result for peter thomas roth firmx tight Image result for Peter Thomas Roth night tightImage result for peter thomas roth firmx

Celebrity Collections

Jewelry, like scent, is very personal and so it is fun to imagine life and love while viewing special pieces worn by some of the most celebrated and timeless women of all time.
Image result for celebrity collections jewelry

52D7C43A-456A-4156-9CA2-ACC41AAAED77In the picture (left) I am in a shop called Celebrity Collections wearing (a replica) of the engagement bangle bracelet that JFK gave Jacqueline Bouvier.

Image result for jacqueline bouvier engagement braceletHers was platinum and diamonds. I am wearing a small piece of Camelot which gives me a thrill!

Related imageImage result for camelot the kennedy's

The Pre-Wedding Bash


Vincent ran out and picked up some dinner to bring back while I got ready.  My dinner was best described as a giant french bread grilled cheese with a little extra butter and some garlic.  YUM! Definitely worth the calories! (and probably the reason I did not feel a lot worse the following morning.)

He also stopped at Kilwins for some sweet treats which I enjoyed late night!  There used to be a Kilwins in Pittsford, NY that had the best chocolate almond ice cream!Image result for kilwins highlands nc

I wore a red off of the shoulder top that I found at a store called Potpourri (while on the trip) with my favorite white jeans.  I LOVE these high-waisted jeans, and have been living in them all summer! (When I would not over heat in them)

More White and Red Inspiration…

Related imageImage result for red blouse white jeansImage result for red blouse white pantsImage result for red blouse white shorts

Related image

As we walked to the Satulah Mountain Brewery we bumped into the radiant Bride and dapper Groom on their way to the bash!


It was Ginger Moore and Justin Cannon’s last night before making it official!


IMG_8796 (1)

After the brewery we went to the Ugly Dog Pub which was a blast.   The band was great, the vibe was festive, and I loved celebrating with such a lively group.  Somehow we ended up responsible for getting Justin back to the Old Edwards…which happened…after… just…one…more…shot…

Image result for the ugly dog pubImage result for the ugly dog nc shots

More Red Tops I love  Image result for Clayton Eyelet Crop Top TULAROSAShawhuwa Womens Sexy One-shoulder Ruffle Party Club Midriff Crop Top L Red










Image result for red blouse white jeansImage result for red blouse white jeans





Somehow after dancing the night away for some time we ended up responsible for getting Justin back to the Old Edwards…which eventually happened…after just…one…more…shot….

The Moore/Cannon Wedding

Boho Luxe

IMG_2912 (1)

FullSizeRender (56)

It was absolutely perfect.  It was an Outside ceremony followed by an outdoor to indoor reception was housed among a lush green landscape contrasted a vivid blue sky.  Small apple trees provided shade during the ceremony.

Ginger’s Wedding Gown was natural and elegant.  It seemed to have been made just for her.

The food was divine and plentiful.  The bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar was a nice touch, as was the combination of brunch and traditional options to enjoy. The flowers were abundant.


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My Dress

Here is the fringe sheath I am wearing.


Fringe/Tassel Inspiration

Image result for fringe dressImage result for designer  fringeImage result for old hollywood fringe dressImage result for fringe party dress celebrity

Image result for fashion  fringe 2018

Image result for celebrity fringe dress

Related image


Mine are Sam and Libby Pewter closed toe heels (sold out).   These (below) I love.Image result for Badgley Mischka 'Rouge'

These (below) draw more attention to the tassel/fringe factor. (They also come in blue and pink. )

Image result for Botkier New York Anna Tasseled High Heeled Sandals

These (pictured) are cute and come in many colors.

More Dresses…Same Vibe

This dress (below front and back) is chic.

Related imageImage result for Misha Collection Lana Dress in Black

Love this gold version pictured below left and this casual option (below)

Image result for fringe dressImage result for fringe dress

This dress (below left) adds just enough of something extra with gold-to-black ombre. This long dress (below right) shows just enough leg to be hot, but not so much to be gauche.  (And if you need more heat…it also comes in red!)

Related imageSunlen Women's Red Tassel Bandage Maxi Dresses For Wedding SL14176 (S, Black)


We had an amazing weekend celebrating love, friendship, and marriage.  The drive out was as beautiful as the drive in.  We stopped a time or two to see some sights.

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IMG_2910 (2)

We wish the Cannon newlyweds a life overflowing with love, friendship and JOY.Image result for love is kind quotes After the memory filled celebration with The Cannons we returned to Noni and Grandpas for some additional family time before traveling safely back to our home in Summerville.

Image result for mod wedding wishes

Sending Sunshine and Love to you and yours from Summerville SC,




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