Blondes Have More Fun?

It feels great to me home!  Our recent time away was a combination of a family visit, a vacation, a celebration of a new chapter in our lives, and a celebration of a dear friends marriage.  It was a magical and inspiring time!  I have so much to tell you about.

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But first…Who says blondes have more fun?  For a date night out in the small, quaint and beautiful town of Saluda if you can’t have fun with your husband, who can you have fun with?  (Obviously your girlfriends, but this is a different kind of fun!)


Our children are in bed very early, and because we were visiting Vincent’s parents, we were able to enjoy some date nights while we were there.  While I love our weekly date night “in,” it sure was fun to be out and about.  We realized we have been in planning, pregnant and baby mode for a while now, and it was time to reintroduce ourselves to eachother and the world! I am so grateful for “Noni” and “Grampa” for their willingness to care for Elsa and Enzo, and encouragement to get out for an evening (or three!) out on the town.


On this particular night I decided to take it up a notch with a new look!  When I say, new, I mean totally different but temporary…which I encourage after many a spontaneous changes have left me (after the initial excitement has faded) longing for the “me” I know.  Have you ever had that happen?  For instance going red, a major chop, or bangs?  I think most of us have, and even if it was an amazing change, for some reason when you see yourself in the mirror after some time your inner voice just says, “Nope!”  When you picture yourself in your mind’s eye, or in a dream, you don’t have that red, short or dark hair, (or whatever it is).  It just isn’t you!  That’s why this time, I went temporary with a fun wig, and some brows created by the magic of makeup!

I sort of like the way the dark brows look with my light hair?!  I have been searching for eyebrow products that don’t make my eyebrows look orange.  I got my eyelashes filled this morning at Carolina Eye Candy (Elizabeth is THE BEST!) and she suggested next time I include a “Brow Tint” because half of my eyebrows are so light, and a tint might give me what I am after without (as much) fussing with my various brow products.



(I love our little Joy babies!)


We have been to Saluda once before with our awesome friend Eric.  That trip was the day we found out that we were pregnant with our daughter, and so it is very special place for us!  Also, on that first visit we had a blast celebrating at Coon Dog Day, and were thrilled to realize that we were back for the celebration this year.


I added half a secret agent to half of mail order bride (with just a smidge of a European prostitute OR Julia Roberts before she takes off that wig in Pretty Woman) and BAM!!!!…this look was born.


Imagine a very small mountain town, and in we roll.  One shot, short conversation with an accent that is difficult to identify (And keep consistent!) and on we go.  I wish Wish WISH I could have heard the couple next to us when we left. If Vince and I were that couple sitting at the bar on a Monday night we surely would have created an amazing back story for that other couple.

This wig was 26 dollars at a Beauty Shop in Taylors, SC.  I discovered these beauty shops from my students.  One of them somehow always had the coolest accessories and I was always wondering how? She told me that she got it (mostly) at the “Chinese Store.”  I soon learned more about these stores from other female students that seemed to also be in the know. So, I decided to check it out!  In I walked and have been mesmerized ever since.  (I know of three in Summerville, but there are probably more!)

In Greenville I walked into what I thought was one, and was promptly told that they only sell their products to professionals.  When I asked if there were any of these stores in the area the saleswoman shared that there were not any.  How could this be, I wondered.  She told me about Sephora and Ulta (I mean…really…you think I am not familiar with Ulta and/or Sephora?)  Anyway, she was dismissive and rude, and I was not impressed.  Shrugging my shoulders and giving the stank eye (but keeping a smile) on the way out, I walked two doors down to a small thrift shop in that same strip mall.

There I met DeeDee, (the owner of the thrift store) who was kind and helpful.  She shared that she does hair, and so I told her of my experience a couple of doors down.  She knew exactly what I was looking for, and sent me about two miles down the road, where I found Svetlana (my wig!)

Image result for linda evangelista hair colorsImage result for linda evangelista hair colors

My Favorite and most Glamerous Hair Camelion…The GORGEOUS Linda Evangelista


Svetlana is not “True Black” though it looks very black to me.  When I checked out at the store the one I preferred was one shade away from true black.


Here is a full bang version, here is a more Carol Brady version, and here is a no bang ombre option from black to brown.  I wore a “Wig Cap” and used some small barrettes to secure. Thank you to QVC and Wendy Williams for showing me how to secure a wig properly!  I had no issues driving with the top down and dancing the night away!  That would have been a sight to see for any other cars on the road had it blown off and out of our car!

DressImage result for pleather dress

Here, here and here are dresses that are similar to mine. B00PK9O0TI I find mine is surprisingly comfortable.  The material is thick enough so it doesn’t show everything you would prefer to be unseen.
UONBOX Women's Leather Sexy Strap Sleeveless Cocktail Midi Bodycon Dress Black M

One of the reasons I like these particular options because they are modest in length.  Remember…just a smidge of hooker with a heart of gold goes a loooong way.  Too much and you look confused (or worse).  Now if you are dressing for a date night in…by all means…try this and go for it!


Ankle Strap Dress High Heel Sandal – Comfortable Open Toe Chunky Heel – Formal, Wedding, Party, Simple Block Heel – Trinity by J. AdamsI am loving a chunky heal right now, and it is perfect for this outfit in order to tone it down.  I like one with some sort of buckle (Or triple buckle) to play on the theme.  Too pointy, or shiny runs the risk of taking that smidge to a whole scoop, which I would advise against.  Think Bond Girl rather than Call Girl.

Here (left) is a great shoe option, also here (below) and here is the one pictured above (top.) Allegra K Women Crisscross Strappy Open Toe Heeled Sandals (Size US 7) Black


The BEST accessory for a drastic change in your look (Even if temporary) is always confidence.  Just go for it.  If you feel silly, you will look silly.  Chin up, shoulders back, and make the world your runway!

Here (above) are the hoops I am wearing.  They are medium-sized, and I appreciate the crystals on the inside and outside which add a bit more sparkle.  These (below left) would also work, and I particularly like the chain detail.  These (below right) would add a little something different with black crystals rather than clear.

Steve Madden Gold Large Open Hoop with Chain Post Drop EarringsLucky Brand Gold Pave Dangle Hoop Earrings

We had an amazing week, and I hope you did too!  I am always happy to be back in Summerville and am brimming with inspiration.

Image result for quote about having fun with your look

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville SC,


Image result for leather bond girl





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