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I am always wanting to pep up my usual make-up routine, and find that sometimes I feel too ridiculous, in let’s say, flourescent pink liquid eyeliner.  (Though this beautiful woman below looks chic!)

Image result for pink liquid eyeliner

I love it!  I love the way that orange (the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette looks interesting!) or a teal sparkle eye looks on others in the entertainment, fashion or beauty industry that affords them to experiment with the newest most fun make-up looks.

Here is what I am seeing NOW:

Image result for makeup trends summer 2017


That’s something I think is important.  I want to wear what works for me, but also be part of the world!  My goal is to help you do the same thing by encouraging you to try something new.

I have found that much like some bold clothing choices, I feel more comfortable adding “bold” in small doses. Adding something new to your usual makeup routine or wardrobe is fun!

For Instance:  

This is some FABULOUS Shania back when… Full-on Leopard Everything, and she looks amazing.  Image result for shania twain leopard

Can a stylish woman of a certain age wear this…maybe!? (I bet Shania definitely can!)

I would prefer to incorporate a little something like a leopard shoe or bag or belt.  You still get to have that Leopard flair, but without the risk of appearing to be trying just a bit too hard.

Image result for leopard shoesImage result for leopard shoes

You get the idea!

So, rather than doing the pink, periwinkle or yellow eyeliner, which I think looks amazing on the right women (see below). For a casual day I often turn to white eyeliner.  (Not that I won’t try the bright color liner…it is very likely I will!  But I am not quite ready yet!)

Image result for pink liquid eyeliner

Image result for pink liquid eyeliner

My go-to on stand-by is NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Below) I use the color “Milk” but they also have a color called “Cottage Cheese” which looks white to me.Image result for nyx white eyeliner pencil

This is basically how I use it.

Image result for love white eyeliner

Here are some casual pics shot before work…on two of my last days before Summer Break!  (I am looking forward to spending July with my family!)  This is how I use the NYX.  The top is a bit more bold, and the second is more used as eye shadow tp highlight the shape of the eye.

DSC04857FullSizeRender (18)

I am on a quest for more of a liquid/gel look.  I have had trouble finding a white liquid (Or any bright color) that is thick and pigmented enough to create that perfect and distinctive line. I have tried various brands and types, and the one I tried most recently with the most success is Loreal Infallible Paints Liquid Liner.

Image result for l'oreal infallible white eyelinerImage result for l'oreal infallible white eyeliner









The Loreal Infallible takes a couple of coats, and needs to be shaken well before each coat to give the opaque effect I am looking for.  It must separate in the container and so if you do not shake it up before use it will be very sheer.

Below is what I want:

Image result for l'oreal  white eyeliner

Here is my Makeup Inspiration for this look.  I like the unexpected dark lip in the summer (Not every day) but every now and then.  You know in two months these vampy shades will be everywhere, why not beat the pack?

Scarlett…Those lips are perfection!

Image result for vampy lip 2017

I am wearing Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Black Coffee (It is a deep berry color)  and Loreal Infallible white liquid eyeliner paint.

Image result for infallible white eyeliner paint



Overall I like the eyeliner, and love the lip!

I will also stick to my NYX, which works well (But doesn’t create a clear thin line like I am looking for) and continue to experiment with the infallible paint.  I have found these white liners work best when used beside/above a traditional liner as opposed to being the liner itself, which is what I really would like to find!

I think it is time for me to turn to a gel eyeliner formulation (in a pot) with a quality liner brush.  I tried the pots (Bobbi Brown in particular) many years ago, and never quite got the hang of it before going back to what I find easier (and am more comfortable with) which is a gel-liner, pencil, or liquid/pen.  I will keep you posted!

Image result for love makeup

Image result for dark lipstick heart

Sending love to you and yours from sunny Summerville, SC,











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