Madison Reed Root Touch Up


This is my favorite root touch up (temporary) because it is light, but not white.

I like Bumble and Bumble White Dry Shampoo, but recently I am afraid the white looks like gray, and the “blondish” is too dark for me.  It also gives hair some texture and volume, which I like sometimes, but sometimes I think that texture looks like a whole bunch of frizz.


I tried the L’oreal spray on and it is way too tacky feeling and the color was not right.  I haven’t tried the Joan River’s one, but have heard that it is good.

Madison Reed Root Touch up is my go-to between colorings.  I like that it comes in two shades.  I wish the darker shade (Which is a golden blonde that would also work for red or strawberry) was more of a silvery/purple blonde.  The light side is more yellow than neutral or cool.

Madison Reed is the best temporary root touch up I have found. Here is the evidence…and if you have a good ash/purple blond root touch up recommendation please send it my way!


Before Front…

Please don’t judge my vampire/widow’s peek!


Madison Reed Root Touch-up (on my left half)

Before and After

Much better!

I purchased mine from QVC which came in a pack of two for 44.50. You can purchase one at Sephora here or QVC here for 30.

Cheers to spreading out coloring appointments (especially in the Summer!)

Sending Love to you and yours,



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