Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil

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Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil


The texture is very light, and you can see how it moves in the bottle more like a liquid than an oil.



Roses have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, not to mention they smell fantastic!  The process of distilling roses with steam to create rose-oil was discovered in Persia during the 10th Century.  

There is just something classic and feminine and about a beautiful rose.

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The smell is divine (if you like the smell of roses). It reminds me of my Grandmother Elizabeth who wore Paris.

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I love this oil for my body and for my hair.  This oil is good for the ends of my hair and is water light so that it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down.  You can buy it (and the entire line on QVC) here.  I find that QVC has excellent customer service and many of the best beauty brands on the market.


You can see how easily it comes out (Very much like water, rather than a thick viscous oil)  I also accidentally dropped the top off of our balcony. C’est la vie! 

I like this oil  after a shower for the body and the mid to ends of my hair.


I have been massaging it into my cuticles (both hands and feet) and it is helping to make my cuticles less ragged. The scent lingers, but does not overwhelm.  I have been using it on my shoulders and neck before leaving the house each morning in an effort to moisturizing away (or at at least diffuse!) sun damage and creases caused by parched skin.  It leaves a lovely sheen on the skin, is not too heavy or sticky, and leaves me with just enough of a summery yet sophisticated scent.


Below is my Rose Beauty wish list:

Moroccanoil Fluer de Rose Conditioner

Moroccanoil Rose Conditioner Costs 26 dollars at Blue Mercury.  What could be better than that Moroccanoil scent…adding some Rose I suppose?!  I can’t wait to try it!

Tom Ford NEVER disappoints..this is no exception.  

The Bottle alone is sexy.  Tom Ford Private Blend Eau de Parfum Cafe Rose is a woodsy spicy unisex fragrance with notes of rose, balsamic, patchouli, and coffee.  Image result for cafe rose tom ford

plus s’il vous plait!



What products are you wishing for this week?

Sending love from our Family to you and yours,


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