Mexican Pink and Black

Mexican Pink and Black

Be ready to face any day in this flattering combination!

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I wear pink often, perhaps a little too often for a woman of substance.  Today’s outfit is easy and eye-catching thanks to this bold shade of pink.  DSC03276

Style Inspiration 

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Looking confident, glamorous, and fierce in pink, these strong women (and man) inspire me to embrace the bright and vibrant side of this girly go-to hue.
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Product DetailsMidi Pink SkirtProduct Details

The color of this skirt is what makes it special. It is bright and vibrant, and the mid length makes it chic.  You can get mine here.  (Also pictured to the left)

Here is a skirt in the same vibrant color and length (Also pictured above/right) with less flair and sans pleating. Product Details

Here is a skort version that I am obsessed with, just in case you are ready to show the world some leg.  Yes, they are Skorts!  Skorts, Cullotes, Bloomers/Gauchos (Rompers, and Bodysuits)…all are back (and least for me) with an amazingly comfortable vengeance.




Long Hair is so fun, but I can’t imagine having my hair this long (real or feaux) for an extended period of time or heaven forbid an entire humid and hot southern summer.  I prefer clipping it in, and clipping it out on a whim (After all, I am a woman, and I have been known to change my mind on a whim!)

My extensions are from amazon, and blend well.  At ten dollars a set I bought two different colors that I blend to look natural by alternating where I clip them in.   Here is a human hair version of the same length 26inches. It is not 10 bucks, but it is still a better price than you will find at Sally’s or Ulta.  Another reason I go with the cheapies is because I am not quite committed to take enough care of these as I should,  so I do not feel too bad throwing out a piece or two after a long day or night.

I like both the “One piece” ones and the various size “Multiple Pieces.”  The multiple pieces are probably best for really blending because you can place them exactly where you want them.  Having said that they take much longer to get in (and out) than the simple one piece strip. (Which I also order two, and clip one low, and one higher with my hair under, above and between the clip-ins.)  Here are the ones I use when I don’t want to mess with all of those pieces.  I like the ombre ones (Even though I don’t intentionally have ombre’d hair (ahem…roots) because they look more real. (As real as 26 inch hair could possible look that is!)

ShoesMain Image - kate spade new york 'sela' glitter heel d'orsay pump (Women)

My shoes are these  black rhinestone round-toe pumps.    Here is an open toe version with an ankle strap.   Here is a fabulous pair with less cha-chi-ness made to look very similar to ones I have been eyeing forever. Here is the previously mentioned legit version (that costs $965).  AND while we are dreaming about shoes here are some Jimmy Chu’s newly marked down by 60%.  Here are some fuchsia Kate Spade kitten heels that simply can not be ignored! (Pictured left.)

Let’s Fla-mingle!

Our Flamingo friend is a permanent fixture at the Joy House, though I have seen some stiff competition lately.  I might have to step my flamingo game up. I love pastels, and blue is my favorite color, so I am thinking I may need these little guys (below Left). Sometimes it is fun to embrace the tacky!


Lips, Bracelets and Necklace

I made these bracelets using beads I got here. The pictures below don’t really do them justice. They have a variety of different colors to choose from.  I have a few black and gray ones, a gold and a rose-gold one that I wear all the time.  I added a tassel on one or two for a little extra something.  







My necklace (far right) is Baublebar Sugar Fix from Target, and can be found here.  It also comes in black. Product Details I love this option (below) because it is an unusual star shape, and reminds me of Jem’s Earrings.  I found that this seller “Humble Chic NY” has some other really pretty pieces for a good price.

DSC04099 On my lips I am wearing Nuetrogena Moisture smooch Color Stick in Pink Grapefruit.   It is easy and smooth to apply, and has a nice texture somewhere between a lipstick and a gloss. They must not make it anymore because it is ridiculous to buy online, I looked at the Nuetrogena site and the closest I can find is the Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine in Pink Sorbet. I also learned that Nicole Kidman is the newest face of Nuetrogena?

On top of that I have Revlon Ulta HD liplaquer in Pink Sapphire (520).  I gives ultra shine, and has sparkle in it, but it is very fine and does not look like glitter.  You can pick it up here.

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