Mauve Romper, Silver Shoes, Fair Skin

MAUVE-lous Darling!

Mauve Romper, Silver Shoes, Fair Skin






I was attracted to this romper because of the pretty color and bell sleeve.  It is a lightweight material, and fits comfortably.  (Often times because of my long torso I have difficulty finding one that works)  I am 5 foot 7, and feel for me this romper is too short to feel comfortable wearing too far out from a beach.  Lucky for me I have a few beaches to choose from!





Some women are blessed with long toned legs.  If you are one of those women with VIRGIN ONLY Women's Draped Romper (Taupe, Large)MLG Womens Off Shoulder Bell Sleeves Bodysuit Romper Leotard Tops Pink XSthe supermodel leg gene, or have worked your butt off to get toned, amazing legs that you want to show the world, you should get this romper!

Here (to the right) is a taupe skort romper that I love. Here is a hippie dress version.  Here is a highneck version with a peek-a-boo back.  Here (left) is a bodysuit that has a flattering bell sleeve.  (You know I can’t resist a bodysuit!)






I am wearing a necklace that Elsa got me for Mothers day.

It is a bear with a heart cutout that says “Mama.”  Somehow in the last 3 years Elsa began calling us Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Enzo Bear.  I think it is precious, so this necklace is something that makes me feel happy to wear.  You can find it here.  Here is a gold bar version with the same sentiment.

Southern Gates Jewelry Earrings E390My earrings are from a boutique in Summerville, and (to me) look similar to  the Southern Gates collection.  Here and here are some similar earrings from Charleston Gates.




The lipstick I am wearing is NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment.  You can find it here.  I feel a little silly wearing it, as I remember this brown/gray lip trend from the 90’s. Image result for nyx lip lingerie They say if you remember the first time than you shouldn’t do it the second (“Trendy”) time around.  I used to love Revlon’s “Iced Mocha” back in the day.  I think I like it.  The texture is a very thick liquid that dries down, and feels slightly tacky.



My shoes are these silver platform heels.  They are very high and very shiny!  I like the chunkiness of them.  The thickness of the heel makes them surprisingly easy to walk in.  Here is another pair with the same look but a lower heel, here is a flat and here is a spike.



I rolled my hair the old school way (Including/Starting with the ends) to turn up the disco vibe.  I pinned it into a bun to try to control the fuzz, sprayed it with hairspray, took a few pics and then let it down for the rest.  (I will be using my Fluff Eaze treatment this weekend!)

Fair Skin

“I like to feel blonde all over.” – Marilyn Monroe

LOVE that quote!

Right now (and most of the time) I am very fair (or as I like to call it “blond all over.”

I have used spray tan, foam tan, tinted and untinted gels, temporary sprays creams and powders, wipes that activate a tan from the “inside,” stuff you use in the shower, mitts, oils, serums and more.

My poor Vincent has helped me airbrush/self tan my back. I must disclose this was before we were married, so he knew what he was getting into!

I have done the spray booths that Jessica Simpson made popular, organic formulas and professional airbrush applications all to achieve that short-lived bronze that suggests you have just returned from your most recent glamourous travels. Shout out to my brother in-law Tony for inspiring us with his travels and bronze glow!

I like that look, but I am what I am, and God made me pale.

Vince and his side of our family have beautiful olive skin that my daughter inherited.  We are not sure about Enzo yet, but his hair has stayed a touch blonder than Elsa’s and so he may also be fair.  (Of course we slather both of them with as much sunblock as they can handle.)

During the time when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (a blonde and a redhead) showed as much Cheeto dusted skin as possible, I tried it.  As a teenager I was at Claussens (a small convenient store where my sister worked that was next to our high school) when someone commented on what a “great tan” I had. It was Neutrogena, and I was so thrilled that I remember it all of these years later!

Unfortunately within 24 hours it was coming off in big chunks exposing my secret (and looking a bit like leprosy).  Tanners have come a long way since, although even when they say they don’t have that smell, I always find they do.  I will put some self tanner reviews on my list of future posts and hopefully with save you some time, money, and the embarrassment of that streaked orange arm, or brown ankle that is always a dead giveaway that you were faking that vacay in the South of France.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading all the color tips from the clothes to the makeup, the humor of the tanning products, love the jewelry ( the personal side you shared) and how you are able to just put things together so well- outfits, your home and now your writing skills.

    • Thank you! You know I love to mix new and old, cheap and $$$. This one was inspired by the pic of you and Jim, you are wearing white and look like you were out dancing (At a disco?) Do you know the one I am talking about? I tried to find it, but we don’t have a copy!

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