Sunday Hair

My Grandmother filled me with her wisdom.  One thing I took to heart  was “Do not touch your face.”

Another was that a woman’s hair should be swept away from the face.

I always feel a touch of elegance when my hair is planned back in someway.   This hairstyle is quite easy, and undone.   The messiness adds some chic effortless style.  (Though you and I know it took at least twenty bobby pins and 4 French combs.)

It is simple to do!  First I clipped in two sets of hair extensions making sure that they were undetectable beneath a layer of strands. Next I loosely braided the low pony.  A fish tail would be another option, but I was looking for a little more formality for a Sunday morning.

Next wrap the braid loosely around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Use four French combs to secure.  Make a “square” around the bun blocking the cones are together if possible.

If it is too messy, add another Bobby pin to secure any strands that are resistant.

…And after church…


Always work with the hair you have, not against it!

Love to you and yours,


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