Ethereal Sunday- Whisper Pink and Navy

A Sunday in Summerville

Pink and Navy

Elsa helped to choose my outfit today, which matched her pick for herself. She LOVES to pick out, and put on her own outfits these days.


Welcome to our front porch!  Our wreath is a fun bright and light pink mixture of peony with some green hydrangea and foliage to make a welcoming Spring to Summer entrance. Here is another wreath with the same flowers and colors with a little more density.


Our wreath is hung on a a brass pineapple holder,  and here is a nickel version. (They come in a pair.) My watch is a bit more substantial to add a touch of masculinity to the rest of my attire.


Our pineapple welcome mat matches a pink rod-iron chair I found at a Summerville Antique shop. (I painted it pink) our brass pineapple door bell  adds a touch of fun, especially when your guests have young children.   Here is a nickel version of the pineapple doorbell. These elements create a sense of whimsy to our front porch which must be welcoming and lovely.

What you can’t see next to my husbands golf shoes is a small can of sky blue paint that we will be using to paint the ceiling of our porches.  More on that another time!


I am wearing a whisper pink mid length skirt, I love this similar skirt which is a bit more pink. This skirt is long enough to be worn by a woman, and fun enough to be worn by a girl.

My top is navy, and made of silk.  My shoes are old, but these shoes compliment this outfit, and make it less like a costume than a ballerina flat might look.  Here is another similar pair, and  thisthis, and these ballerina flats would also look elegant.DSC02527

My necklace is made locally by Dottie Langley Jewelry, and I wear it often.  My hair has miraculously grown, and become straight thanks to two sets of these extensions!

Our daughter Elsa twirling like every little girl must!  She was a vision in a salmon tutu dress and silver quilted ballerina flats.  Here is a pair for you if you want to twin with your little one. We are still working on putting her hair up, or using a turban or bow.  My little Southern Bellisima is full of happiness, independence, and creativity.  I am so grateful for our lovely daughter.

Whenever there is an opportunity to twirl, I say take it!

Love to you and yours,


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