Base Break, Full Highlight and Toner

This afternoon was time to get my hair done, and this time around I needed a base break, full set of highlites, and toner. I haven’t had a base break since the time before last… so about 12 weeks.  I like to alternate every other time for a base break, and also alternate between a partial and full highlight periodically.  Probably every third time or so I do a full.

Before heading in, I figured I should take some hair selfies…this is the “BEFORE”

I opted not to add any lowlites this time as it is mid May, summer is coming, and
blonde should always be blonder in the Summer.  At least that’s how I am seeing it at this very moment!  In the fall I will add some richer hues to celebrate the season.

I didn’t need a trim, and tend to also get those every other time, and have been growing out my hair for a bit.  It is getting long!

First she did the foiled full highlites, and we talked about the medical uses for CBD oil, her upcoming gigs (She is a musician also!) and all things beauty.  She knew about the Black Charcoal Asian Peel off mask!  She is fun, and it doesn’t take super long, and it’s just a quaint comfortable setting.

Next she broke the base and toned it with a purple toner.  She uses a silver toner for her hair, which is a gorgeous shade of blonde.  Her skin tone is tanner than mine, but maybe I will try the silver another time!  She also uses a purple shampoo, and recommends that I do too every week or so, and that I leave it in for a while to get the full effect.  I naturally have some red undertones, and I am not embracing them at this moment, so this will help to nuetralize and also de-brass any brassiness that wants to show up before my next appointment.

Image result for root pumpImage result for jhirmack silver brightening shampoo 20 oz.

Root pump is a given, as I like hair with a little extra.  Susan asked after blow drying if I want some curl or straight.  I have been preferring curl lately.  I feel like when my hair is straight it looks too flat and somewhat boring (BUT I go back and forth!)  Also, considering it was already in the upper 80’s with some humidity today in Summerville, I figure straightening my naturally wavy hair is an endless battle that just isn’t worth it to me!

I am happy with the results.  Here are the “Afters.”

My stylist in Summerville, Susan at Luxe is the best!

Image-1 (4)

Thank you for spending some time with me today!

Sending love to you and yours,


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