Our New Home

When we started looking to purchase our current home we had several “Needs” and several “Wants.”  At the time we were a Family of three and were looking for a little more space.  There was baby and kid stuff everywhere in our old house, which was an open concept one story in the Lakes of Summerville.    Overall, we liked living there.


Bringing our little Elsa home…(Our old House is in the Background)

Our neighbor Jerry was the best!  When I was single, and in a panic after my cat brought a half dead mouse in in the house (using the cat door) I ran to Jerry, who was always willing to help out a neighbor.  If you are in the Lakes Of Summerville and see a very very tan shirtless man sitting on his front driveway (likely with a beer) beside a cactus, you have found him.  He is a retired police officer originally from NYC, and is enjoying his retirement in SC.

FullSizeRender (4)

Proof that Elsa’s stuff was everywhere!!!

We did get fined once when we didn’t edge the front of the lawn (Where the road and yard meet) so that was a bit annoying.  When we had Elsa I missed the HOA Payment ($400) and before I realized it they had doubled it and put a lien on our house!  It was a bit aggressive to me, and they could not have cared less that I had just had a baby, and had never missed before.  I guess that is how those people have to be though???  Either way, it always seemed like a lot for the HOA fee considering the pool was very small, and there really was nothing else (Like a playground or a green space.)


Elsa’s Nursery at the Lakes of Summerville


One of the neighborhoods that we found to be particularly beautiful was/is The Ponds.   In order to live there we would have been in a very very small home (Which we did consider!) The homes are beautiful, and there is a YMCA, walking trails, an outdoor concert/theater area,  a kayak pond, and a GORGEOUS Farm House which is now used as the sales office.

The land has a rich history dating back to when the Europeans “Encountered”  the Americas.  It is 2,000 acres and is also called Weston Hall.  The original house was a fortified plantation built with a land grant given to Andrew Percival  dating back to 1682.  The current farmhouse (The third to be built) was constructed in the 1830’s.

We knew we wanted to have at least 4 bedrooms (Our old house was three).  We needed a guest room for family to visit.  (A three bedroom could work so long as there is a play area.)  Ideally we hoped for a fenced in outdoor area, in a location that could potentially provide our daughter with a quality education.  (The Lakes of Summerville is zoned as part of the Charleston County School District.)  We prefer the Dorchester 2 School District based on our experiences and also the SC Department of Education School Report Cards.

We looked and looked and looked, until we fell in love…with a Golf Course and some double porches!  Our home is a three bedroom Charleston Style home, without any of the needs, wants or features we were looking for!  BUT there is just something about those beautiful porches that drew us in.  Two weeks after moving into our three bedroom home, we found out we were expecting!

FullSizeRender (1)

A portion of the upstairs porch would be the play area


When we learned that we were blessed with a second Joy baby!

We were thrilled!  Immediately I started thinking about the nursery!

The house is now our home filled with love and Joy(s)!

Sending love to you and yours,


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