Asian Beauty: Charcoal Mask

Shouhengda Bamboo Charcoal Blackhead Remover Deep Clean Purifying Peel Off Mask It is relatively inexpensive (6.49) and has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.


Charcoal Mask

The idea of this mask is that it hardens and is similar to a Biore blackhead removing strip.  It hardens and pulls out any stuff that is sitting in your pores that doesn’t need to be there.  AND you can examine all of the stuff that is on the mask, and been drawn out of your pores.  For some reason that seems satisfying to me, and so I ordered.

There are no directions on the box so you have to use the directions on Amazon. Apply to a clean face and allow to sit until hard and dry (10 to 30 minutes).  After the mask is dry slowly pull it off.


This mask is very tacky and thick.  It is an odd smooth, thick, and rubbery consistency.  I would say the smell and the consistency seem like some sort of a waxy black plastic.

I put mine on very thick, and so it took a little bit longer than Vince’s to dry.

IMG_1078 (2)

Vince putting it on.


After 10 minutes for Vince, and about 25 for me, we could feel the mask had hardened and carefully started peeling it off.


The begining of the peel off…


OUCH!  It hurt, but to me it hurt in a good beauty is pain sort of way.  Vince swore never to use it again! Both of our eyes were watering from the pain.



Beauty is pain…

I like it, and it seems to pull that gunk out and leave your skin feeling extremely soft and smooth.  The first and second day after using it are the best.

I realized on my second use that it hurt much less than the very first time, but both times about three or four days later I had a very small breakout.


The examination of the peeled off mask shows it definitely does something!  You can see all of those tiny little trees…EEEWWWWW!!!!


Fresh smooth soft skin

On the third time, I think I realized what is going on!  It does what it says it does and will remove any gunk from clogged pores and blackheads.  In addition to that, it literally waxes the little vellus hairs from your face.  I do not love peach fuzz…and I have been known to manage it in a variety of ways. (Dermoplaning, hair removal cream, wax, sugar, stringing, those wird circle or glove hair removers things that are steel wool-ish…)  My problem is when the hair starts to grow back I end up with a mild breakout.

So, I tried to wax my eyebrows with it…and it didn’t work.

Overall I think it was worth it, and will keep using it here or there is I have a special event.

Sending love to you and yours,


2 thoughts on “Asian Beauty: Charcoal Mask

  1. I want to see Vince get his chest hair waxed !

    Actually we used to use the old MUDD mask that worked great but they quit making it a few years ago. Hey if we order via your links will you get credit/ $$ ?

    • Yes we will. Yes I agree on the chest hair idea. I’m trying to convince Vince to do it. But he keeps referring to the movie 40-year-old virgin and does not want to bleed. I make a small percentage of sales. All links have a specific URL linked to my account. I am always looking for the best deals and new products. Thank you so much for viewing my posts. If you have any good ideas send them my way.

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